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I was reading the latest Big Finish news (because even though I've disappeared from LJ, I am still Who obsessed) and I saw what's coming up for the Sixth Doctor.

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May. 16th, 2010 11:20 pm
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Ok. So, I listened to the second Six/Jamie audio Wreck of the Titan last night and...well, I have things to say about it. But, more importantly, I am absolutely FREAKING OUT about Legacy of the Cybermen because HOLY CRAP.

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So, I finally got a chance to listen to City of Spires, the first in a brand-spanking new trilogy of Sixth Doctor/Jamie audios.

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And I never knew! How did I not realize that three of my all-time favorite Big Finish audios were all written by the same guy?! I am shocked and appalled at my own cluelessness.

Anyway, I've never met Matthew Sweet (sadly, but maybe he'll be at a future con?) but apparently I am utterly in love with his writing. The Bernice Summerfield audio Diet of Worms, the Seventh Doctor audio The Magic Mousetrap, and the Sixth Doctor audio Year of the Pig are all him. I listen to those audios so often I have them pretty well memorized. I am floored that they are all by the same dude. I need more Matthew Sweet. I especially need him to write more Benny.

According to your friend and mine, Wikipedia, he's also written a couple of short trips. Namely, The Lampblack Wars and The Earwig Archipelago. Has anyone here read those? What were they about? Any good?

Oh, Matthew Sweet. Please write more Doctor Who! YOU PLEASE ME!!!


Dec. 10th, 2009 08:42 pm
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I mean, really. SERIOUSLY?! The accents they are doing in this Big Finish 5th Doctor Stockbridge trilogy. Are they for REAL?

Please. SomeBrit. Explain this to me. Where the hell is Stockbridge supposed to be? And do people actually HAVE this accent? I've lived in the UK and traveled extensively through England, Scotland and Wales and I have NEVER heard an accent like this.

It's...yeah. Is it for real?
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How do I know I've gone over the edge with my Big Finish obsession? I've listened to Zagreus so many times I'm actually speaking the lines along with it.



Holy crap, people. I scare myself.
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I had SO much fun with this one which is why it took me a little longer to complete. [livejournal.com profile] biichan asked for:

Top five alternate Team TARDISES (the ones that didn't happen but should have.)

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She also asked for:


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So, [livejournal.com profile] livii wants to know:

Top five moments you'd use to try to convince someone of why the Sixth Doctor rocks.

And even though I know she isn't going to believe a SINGLE WORD I SAY, I'm going to tell her anyway. :-P

(Of course these are all going to be audio moments, because even I can admit the serials were pretty crap.)

Six is made of bombastic awesome... )

Also, [livejournal.com profile] niffler09 wants me to rec some new music. She asked for my top 5 songs, but I don't ever listen to singles. I'm an album girl. So I'm gonna list the 5 albums I've been listening to like crazy lately (I'll also point out a few stand-out tracks for each).

I'll to link to sites where you can hear samples

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Starting off, we have [livejournal.com profile] persiflage_1 asking:

Top 5 Benny audios?

Top 5 non-Benny audios?

Top 5 Sapphire and Steel audios?

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That was me squeeing. I just finished listening to The Raincloud Man and my love for Big Finish and everything they do continues unabated. They ARE Doctor Who for me and I wish I had all the money in the world because I would use it to keep them going for ever and ever and ever.

Anyway. THE RAINCLOUD MAN!!!!! )
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I just listened to The Darkening Eye, which is the latest Companion Chronicle.

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I know you're all terribly shocked. Anyway, in my obsession I'm listening to all of her audios ad nauseam. Including The Dark Flame. As much as I love the team of Seven, Ace, and Benny, I recognize that this story pretty much sucks. But still, it's better than NO Seven, Ace, and Benny. And I could listen to Lisa Bowerman reading Twilight and still be enthralled. Anyway, the point of this post is the following exchange that takes place after the Doctor meets up with an old friend named Remnex.

Remnex: "How is Mel?"

Doctor: "Ah, Mel. Fine, I should think. Yes! She went off to explore the universe with an itinerant con-artist."

Remnex: "No change there, then."

Come on, people. I can't be the only one who thinks that's hilarious.


Why couldn't BF have done more audios with these three?
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...so hide your Daleks. I downloaded this month's companion chronicle, Home Truths, last night and it took me a little while to figure out what I thought of it. Hence, the delayed review. In a non-spoilery thought, I have developed a massive crush on Lisa Bowerman's voice.* She was the director of this audio and was part of the special features interview at the end. The second she begins speaking I'm like a dog when you rub its belly and its back foot starts shaking. I think I might even drool on myself a bit. It's unseemly.

Now, onto the review... )

*That isn't to say she's not pretty, because she is. But I've only ever seen a few pictures of her and have never actually SEEN her speaking. So I have a lot of trouble connecting that image to her sexy-as-hell voice or her insanely brilliant portrayal of Benny.
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Adopt one today!

Hopefully THIS will be my last one.

But to give this post some substance, I will say that the latest Companion Chronicle audio was quite good. It was Leela in The Empathy Games. I think Louise Jameson has an incredibly beautiful voice for audio, I love the way she immitates Four, and David Warner was the guest voice. The story wasn't great, but it was good and definitely worth listening to, if only to hear Leela being Leela. And David Warner being his usual awesome self.
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I just listened to the latest Sixth Doctor and Charley audio Brotherhood of the Daleks. I am too overwhelmed right now to come up with a coherent review, or even an incoherent one. The only thing I can say about this is that I have never loved anything in the entire universe more than I love the sound of Colin Baker's voice when he plays Six.

I am beside myself with obsessive, monomaniacal, about five-minutes away from stalking him, love.


That is all.
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Oh, thank f-ing god. ANOTHER BRILLIANT BF AUDIO! I just listened to the latest Fifth Doctor outing, Time Reef/A Perfect World, and I loved the hell out of it. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED. Oh, Fivey. Oh, Nyssa. I AM FULL OF CAPSLOCKY JOY!!!

Spoilers ahoy! )

And yes, there were MORE DAVISON/SUTTON extras! And yes, Peter was a snarky bitch and Sarah was crazy levels of awesome and I don't understand how those two are married to other people. They are SO IN LOVE. I know I'm not a huge RPS fan, but these interviews have made me ship Peter/Sarah, reality be damned.
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Big Finish finally made the latest audio available for download yesterday, so I stayed up to a ridiculous hour listening to it because BF is my crack. The first of two September releases (WOOOO!), this one is yet another solo Seventh Doctor story. As I haven't exactly made my feelings about companion-less Seventh Doctor audios a secret, you can imagine I wasn't expecting all that much.

Spoilers for Kingdom of Silver and Keepsake... )
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Big Finish finally let me download the latest companion chronicle and it was Two and Jamie and Victoria and made of JOY!!!!!!!

Spoilers )
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Kick ass spoiler for future Sixth Doctor audio... )

This goes a long way to helping with my post-Olympics depression.
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Ok. So, I am in the middle of an unexpected Fifth Doctor audio marathon and am loving the HELL out of him. The bitchier he gets, the better. Right now I'm listening to The Gathering and absolutely laughing my ass off. I've never been particularly convinced by Five/Tegan (I prefer Five with Nyssa or Turlough) but holy shit this clip is too fabulous for words.

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