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Thanks to an incredibly helpful comment thread on bois de jasmine I was given a bunch of recommendations for perfumes that Effie Trinket might wear. If you recall, this question is what got me into perfume sampling in the first place (which has been an amazing, if expensive, new hobby). And you know what?


The perfume that I believe Effie would wear is Insolence by Guerlain.

It's classic with a twist of something bright and fruity and the whole thing changes by the minute, but it also has those smells I associate with cosmetics. I feel like it would blend beautifully with her wigs and powders and become something uniquely HER. Perfect blend of BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT but underpinned with other, richer things. In other words, EFFIE!

Here. Have some reviews that describe the scent better than I can.

Oh man, I am SO HAPPY right now! \o/
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So. What do we think? What perfume does Bedelia wear? Right now I'm thinking maybe Guerlain L'heure Bleue. This is from a review on bois de jasmin:

Guerlain L’Heure Bleue is the embodiment of refinement. When I read that Catherine Deneuve wore it for many years as her signature fragrance, I was not at all surprised. Its luminous orange blossom is beautifully contrasted with the rich plushness of vanilla, iris and incense. L’Heure Bleue’s sillage is among the most beautiful of great classics—bright, radiant, enveloping. It was also the first Guerlain perfume to use aldehydes (distinctive starchy-metallic notes) to give a lift to the rich floral accord. The carnation, ylang-ylang and anise introduce L’Heure Bleue, but then you become aware of its velvety layers–iris, vanilla, incense, musk, tonka bean. The leitmotif of anise persists through the layers of L’Heure Bleue. The eau de parfum concentration is plusher and warmer than the musk inflected eau de toilette. The extrait de parfum is even more memorable, a mouthwatering confection of orange blossom, iris, and vanilla with a touch of licorice.

I'm gonna go home and put some on and see if I can feel her. Any other suggestions for possibilities?


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