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I can't stop gushing about Afterlife because it is JUST THAT GOOD. And not only because Lesley Sharp gives a performance that is so over-the-top brilliant I can't even find the words to adequately explain its perfection. But, as usual, Em has done a better job than me of expressing things:


And then go watch the show.
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1) I made it back from Cambodia and it was one of the best trips I've had in a VERY long time. What a gorgeous, fascinating, welcoming, delightful country. Couldn't possibly recommend it more highly. I'll post some pics once I've gotten my shit together.

2) I have fallen back down into the Afterlife hole. This show is one of the most powerful series I've ever watched. How everyone doesn't know it, how it wasn't a humongous success...well, add that to the list of inexplicable mysteries of the universe.

3) Speaking of mysteries of the universe. HOW THE FUCK IS LESLEY SHARP NOT ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS ACTRESSES WORKING TODAY. Her acting abilities are breathtaking. Her range. Her EVERYTHING. She should be a household name on par with like...Meryl Streep or Emma Thompson or some shit. Fucking travesty.


Mar. 4th, 2012 02:29 pm
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So I'd wanted to see this show Afterlife. I fell in love with Lesley Sharp thanks to an obsession with Scott and Bailey and I saw some caps from the show on tumblr and it looked promising. Searched around for download links everywhere I could think of to no avail but I ended up lucking out and finding some wonderful human being had uploaded all the eps to youtube. Not the best quality picture but what can you do, I'm certainly more grateful to her than I can possibly say for making it possible for me to watch the series.

But here's the thing. I knew Lesley Sharp was an amazing actress and after watching the first episode I knew the show was going to be brilliant and painful but I didn't realize just how brilliant and painful. And after staying up watching episodes until 5am and then waking up to finish the show out I've now been crying for 2 straight hours. When I tell you this series was one of the most gutting, gorgeous, horrible things I've ever watched, I'm not exaggerating in the slightest. I've always had issues with death - with fictional death, character death. I tend to avoid ever watching episodes of even my most favorite shows when a character I love dies in it but this was just...watching these characters break apart and then find some kind of peace in the end. It was written so quietly and so perfectly and acted so heartwrenchingly it's difficult for me to really explain how beautiful it was. Or how painful. And I mean honestly? I could barely see the last 2 episodes through my sobbing.

I suppose the point I'm trying to make is that if you are an emotional masochist like I am, or you just love incredible acting, give the show a try. It's difficult for me to imagine drama getting much better than what I just watched.


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