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It's always like this after a con. It SUCKS. I blame all the awesome people who kept me up until 4am every night. Them and their damn awesomeness. GRRRRR.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Who was brilliant. Seriously. The hotel was kind of crap, but the con itself was organized BEAUTIFULLY. Anyone who was on the fence about going next year?


Some of the guests have already been announced and they include Colin Baker and Frazer Hines.

Let's take a poll and see how many of you think I'll be there. ;-)

Anyway, yes. It was fantastic and I loved every minute of it. Especially getting to go to Epcot. I <3 Epcot.

Now? I just want to sleeeeeeeeeeep.
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Ok. So I realize that Hurricane Who takes place over Halloween. Which means that even though I don't usually cosplay at cons, I have to dress up this year.

So, I'm going as a member of the Happiness Patrol.

I've got the wig and the shoes covered. But I am having HELLLLLLA problems finding a cheap trench coat that would work. Does anyone have any suggestions where I could search that I haven't already?

For reference purposes:

Susan Q

And a short vid under here... )
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Is there anyone on my flist going to Hurricane Who?

Come on, people. Hands up.
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I DID!!!

Yup, that's right. It's official. I have my plane ticket, I have my membership and I'm SO there. Who else is going? Prof, I know you'll be there, right?

Now I just need Lisa to be confirmed as a guest and all will be right with the world. :-)
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I can't believe I'm even awake. I'm at the airport right now headed to LAX for the Gallifrey One convention. My flight is delayed and I've been up since 4:30. I've also already had a fight with the supershuttle driver. I'm not even up this early on workdays. This SUCKS!

But it shall all be worth it when I get to the con and see Colin and Frazer and Nicola and Wendy and BENTON!!! And everybody else and holy CRAP this is going to be amazing. I promise pictures and stories later. Right now I'm just trying not to throw up from exhaustion.


Feb. 3rd, 2009 06:44 pm
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I can't even deal with the fact that Frazer and Wendy and Colin and Nicola are all going to be at Gallifrey One. I JUST CAN'T. If Lisa was going...FUCK.

Anyway, this pic is ridiculous and I love it too much to even deal with.

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I want to bring a photo with me for both Colin and Nicola to sign at the Gallifrey con. I am completely in love with these 2 pics, but they are both really small. Would any of you fantastically amazing people know where I could find a larger version of either of them?

Pretty please?
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From the DWF as stated by the Gallifrey One organizer.

No Doctors this year, sorry... there are only four that do conventions, and we've had all of them in the past 5 years (just had Colin and Sylv in the past two). Probably for 2010...

We will still likely be announcing one or two additional DW/Torchwood related guests, as well as some other locals. We're actually shying away from the local signing actors this year (barring a small handful) because we've done that, and they appear at every autograph convention; instead, we're focusing more on local creative talent like writers and illustrators. Unfortunately, we're also running out of room with all the programming we're doing, so there won't be that many more...

That makes me very, very, very, very sad. But there you go.
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Well. I just got some excellent news. One of my best friends, who happens to live in LA, is definitely going to be in town the weekend of the con. That means it looks like I'm gonna go. The only problem is that the guest list isn't exactly blowing my skirt up. Wendy Padbury is friggin' awesome in every way, but there needs to be a Doctor there! Or Frazer Hines for a whole Second Doctor love-fest.

Any of you people know anyone who's in charge of this shindig? Encourage them to call Frazer! Ooo, or Peter Davison! NEEDZ MOAR DOCTORS!
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I fly out first thing in the morning and head straight there from the airport. I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED I THINK I'M GOING TO THROW UP.


How the hell am I supposed to sleep tonight?!


Aug. 7th, 2008 04:37 pm
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I'm going to be at the Vegas Star Trek Convention this weekend! If any of you are planning to be there, let's geek together. :-)
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Ok, people. My friends have all flaked out on me and I am, as [livejournal.com profile] vandonovan put it, feeling extremely emosad about this. I had plans to attend the Vegas Star Trek convention and now I don't know what to do. I have ALWAYS dreamed of going to Quark's bar and getting shitfaced, in costume, with a bunch of other drunk Trekkies in costume. And considering the Experience is closing down in September, THIS IS MY LAST CHANCE. I can't live with the idea of missing out on my dream. Not like this.

So, here's the question. I have no problem flying to Vegas by myself for a couple of days, but only if I know I'll at least be able to hang out with some people I "know" at the con. ARE ANY OF YOU GOING TO BE THERE? And do you like to drink?

COME ON, FLISTIES! Help a desperate Trekkie out. I can't do this without you. (Because my RL friends apparently SUCK ASS.)


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