May. 10th, 2015 12:00 pm
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My favorite pics of me from Wizard World Philadelphia. :) Because why not.

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So here are some pics of me as Effie at NYCC. Because why not? HI!

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Thanks to an incredibly helpful comment thread on bois de jasmine I was given a bunch of recommendations for perfumes that Effie Trinket might wear. If you recall, this question is what got me into perfume sampling in the first place (which has been an amazing, if expensive, new hobby). And you know what?


The perfume that I believe Effie would wear is Insolence by Guerlain.

It's classic with a twist of something bright and fruity and the whole thing changes by the minute, but it also has those smells I associate with cosmetics. I feel like it would blend beautifully with her wigs and powders and become something uniquely HER. Perfect blend of BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT but underpinned with other, richer things. In other words, EFFIE!

Here. Have some reviews that describe the scent better than I can.

Oh man, I am SO HAPPY right now! \o/
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So. What do we think? What perfume does Bedelia wear? Right now I'm thinking maybe Guerlain L'heure Bleue. This is from a review on bois de jasmin:

Guerlain L’Heure Bleue is the embodiment of refinement. When I read that Catherine Deneuve wore it for many years as her signature fragrance, I was not at all surprised. Its luminous orange blossom is beautifully contrasted with the rich plushness of vanilla, iris and incense. L’Heure Bleue’s sillage is among the most beautiful of great classics—bright, radiant, enveloping. It was also the first Guerlain perfume to use aldehydes (distinctive starchy-metallic notes) to give a lift to the rich floral accord. The carnation, ylang-ylang and anise introduce L’Heure Bleue, but then you become aware of its velvety layers–iris, vanilla, incense, musk, tonka bean. The leitmotif of anise persists through the layers of L’Heure Bleue. The eau de parfum concentration is plusher and warmer than the musk inflected eau de toilette. The extrait de parfum is even more memorable, a mouthwatering confection of orange blossom, iris, and vanilla with a touch of licorice.

I'm gonna go home and put some on and see if I can feel her. Any other suggestions for possibilities?
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I realized this morning that I never posted any pics of me as Effie Trinket here. These are from NY Comic Con but I also dressed up as her for Halloween. I think I would dress up as her for the rest of my life if I could get away with it. I have never felt more perfectly ME.

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This week has been out of control as far as fangirling goes. I've already seen Catching Fire twice, all the Doctor Who madness, Frozen coming's too much. I am exhausted from feels. And from the overwhelming love I have for Effie fucking Trinket and everything she is and everything she's becoming. And every choice Elizabeth Banks has made in her performance. And just...everything. EVERYTHING. Oh god.

The amount of jewelry I have bought recently because the designers were used in the movie is rather embarrassing. But Capitol Couture just DOES it for me. And you know what? People always love the villains. I'm not even going to feel bad about finding these particular villains unbelievable stylish. Because they ARE. Give me ALLLLLLL the Capitol fashions, please. Thank you.

Now I just have to wait another year for MJ1 and keep my fingers crossed that the movie inspires a flood of new fanfic.
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I can't remember the last time I felt such love.
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Do any of you beautiful people have the Pacific Rim soundtrack? And if so, might you be willing to share it with me? ::bats eyelashes::

Thank you! I love you!
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This thing I'm doing with Effie? It's what I would always do right before I realized I just had to RP a particular character. Obsessing about her characterization. Working out her voice in my head. Focussing on every tiny detail, every reaction, every inflection in line delivery. Trying to work out headcanons and all that shit. Rewatching the movie over and over and over and over...

How did I not recognize that until just now?!

I don't think I am ready to go back to RPing (if I ever will) but at least now I get what's going on in my own head here. Kind of a relief.
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This obsession is at Defcon 1, people. DEFCON ONE. I need help here. I need fic. FEED ME FIC!


I'll take anything well written. Anything about the Capitol, about previous Games, about Victors, about the Careers, about life in the other Districts, about Haymitch, about Effie...ANYTHING. Anything that doesn't center on Katniss or Peeta or Gale. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE.

Feeeeeeeeeed meeeeeee.
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And read all three Hunger Games books today.

Someone hold me...
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I have all of a sudden become completely obsessed with Effie Trinket. Movie Effie. Amazing outfits Effie. I haven't read the Hunger Games books, I don't know how much Elizabeth Banks' performance differs, but HOLY HELL I love her in the movie. I have also discovered that I ship her with Haymitch. As I have no connection to any sort of fandom here, I have no idea if this is a popular pairing or what. Don't care either.

What I do care about, and the reason I have popped in to say hello again ("Hello again!") is that it's been ages since I had even the slightest inkling of an idea how to go about finding good fanfic.

So. Can anyone help me? I want some good, dark, dark, dirty fanfic. For Effie. And Haymitch.


[Yes. This comes as much of a shock to me as it does to you. I can't explain it other than to say LOOK AT HER!]


Dec. 19th, 2012 02:52 pm
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This is a post I am making for the sole purpose of using this new icon Em shared with me. :D


I'm leaving on a cruise on Saturday so fuck yeah, I'll be on a boat. \o/

Look at Ros. LOOK AT HER. She is a goddess and I will worship her until the end of days.
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Help! Help! I need Skyfall icons. Or icons of Judi Dench from the Craig!Bond era in general and I'm not having any luck. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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I can't handle it. I just can't. I am drowning in River Song feelings and I don't even know what to do with myself anymore.

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My obsession with Emilia Fox has reached Defcon 1. Which means it's time to post about it here where I can flail at some length. Yes, I so clearly have a type which seems to be blonde British actress over the age of 35 who probably plays some kind of law enforcement officer and you know what? I am SO ok with that. SHE IS PERFECT AND I LOVE HER.

Well, I love Nikki Alexander, which is kind of the same thing. I've been told (by Em, of course) that I fall in love with a character and then imprint on the actor and yeah. TOTALLY not gonna deny it. Nikki is SUPERB and Silent Witness is just BRILLIANT and I am happy, happy, happy. Of course I ship her with Leo because that's just how I roll, but it isn't even about that. The character is magic all on her own and I just want to eat her up with a spoon. I should have suspected I would fall for this show since long-running procedurals tend to appeal to me, but this woman. She is everything I look for in a character. Strong but damaged, brilliant but flawed, strong but vulnerable. I LOVE HER SO MUCH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

I should have suspected Emilia Fox was something special when all of tumblr appeared to have a collective orgasm over her playing Portia to Alex Kingston's Blanche on Upstairs Downstairs (and yes, that was INSANELY hot, thank you, BBC) but I didn't realize just HOW special. ::happy sigh::

So, time to add her to the list of lady loves. <3

PS. And if you haven't seen Silent Witness, you totally should. I've only watched the later seasons so far but I love it.
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I loved Lexx. I mean I really loved Lexx. One of my favorite series ever to the point where I named my gecko Xev and it was the first series I ever bought on dvd. But I hadn't watched it in years. I kind of figured it would be one of those shows that would live better in memory, that my love for it was so wrapped up in a particular time in my life it would lose something if I tried going back.

But I was thinking about it today and started discussing it with my beloved Em and she saw it was on Hulu so we watched I Worship His Shadow and Giga Shadow and I watched Norb and you know what? I love it just as much now as I did then.

I HAVE ALL THE LEXX FEELINGS and god this show kills me in so many ways. But in all the best ways. I am going to enjoy the hell out of this rewatch.
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I can't stop gushing about Afterlife because it is JUST THAT GOOD. And not only because Lesley Sharp gives a performance that is so over-the-top brilliant I can't even find the words to adequately explain its perfection. But, as usual, Em has done a better job than me of expressing things:


And then go watch the show.
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1) I made it back from Cambodia and it was one of the best trips I've had in a VERY long time. What a gorgeous, fascinating, welcoming, delightful country. Couldn't possibly recommend it more highly. I'll post some pics once I've gotten my shit together.

2) I have fallen back down into the Afterlife hole. This show is one of the most powerful series I've ever watched. How everyone doesn't know it, how it wasn't a humongous success...well, add that to the list of inexplicable mysteries of the universe.

3) Speaking of mysteries of the universe. HOW THE FUCK IS LESLEY SHARP NOT ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS ACTRESSES WORKING TODAY. Her acting abilities are breathtaking. Her range. Her EVERYTHING. She should be a household name on par with like...Meryl Streep or Emma Thompson or some shit. Fucking travesty.


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