Aug. 7th, 2008 04:37 pm
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I'm going to be at the Vegas Star Trek Convention this weekend! If any of you are planning to be there, let's geek together. :-)
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Ok, people. My friends have all flaked out on me and I am, as [ profile] vandonovan put it, feeling extremely emosad about this. I had plans to attend the Vegas Star Trek convention and now I don't know what to do. I have ALWAYS dreamed of going to Quark's bar and getting shitfaced, in costume, with a bunch of other drunk Trekkies in costume. And considering the Experience is closing down in September, THIS IS MY LAST CHANCE. I can't live with the idea of missing out on my dream. Not like this.

So, here's the question. I have no problem flying to Vegas by myself for a couple of days, but only if I know I'll at least be able to hang out with some people I "know" at the con. ARE ANY OF YOU GOING TO BE THERE? And do you like to drink?

COME ON, FLISTIES! Help a desperate Trekkie out. I can't do this without you. (Because my RL friends apparently SUCK ASS.)
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I am a Trekkie. Always have been, always will be. (And no, I don't like "trekker". We need to reclaim our roots, people.) Anyway, with all the talk about the new Trek movie and the reminder that Trekkies actually INVENTED SLASH (at least in the fandom sense), I've been feeling a lot of Trek love recently. (And don't even get me started on how awesome the Vegas con was this year. I TOUCHED SHATNER AND NIMOY!!!! Ahem...)

So, in honor of my first true fandom love I bring you my favorite K/S vids )


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