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I'm going looney with the Lambiel love, and how I never realized what good friends he and Johnny Weir are I'll NEVER know. These are the pics I'm managed to score so far, but if you have any others, PLEASE SHARE.

Look at them. The sheer magnificence of these two is nearly blinding.

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I FINALLY found a decent quality copy of my favorite Stephane Lambiel performance of all time. Every time I watch it I get goosebumps. It's utterly joyful.

Stephane Lambiel- You're Beautiful

Irene | MySpace Video
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I don't know how many of you watched men's figure skating last night, but if you DID, then you saw my beautiful Swiss angel perform. Stephane Lambiel wasn't his usual magnificent self, but he was still the most gorgeous thing on the ice. I've loved him for AGES now and I honestly think he will always be my favorite figure skater of them all.

Why do I love him so much? He's an artist. When he's on? I get tears in my eyes watching him, I shit you not. Also, it doesn't hurt that he's hot as hell. Don't believe me?

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The Olympics is going to be over on Sunday, which shall usher in another deep depression for me. I should be ready for it by now as it shows up every two years, but you know how it is. You never really get used to it. And my loving brother (I'm not kidding, I absolutely adore him in every way) just spent an hour berating me about how I could enjoy race walking and synchronized swimming but not have any interest in Penn State v. Michigan. Well...it's simple. I don't give a flying fuck about popular team sports. I don't care about anyone planning to make a million dollars and drive a hummer and have their face splashed all over magazine covers while fucking supermodels. I care about the dude from Togo who won the bronze in a sport that most people have no idea even exists, or the chick from South Africa who swam the women's open water race with one leg, or the Croatian chick who spent her entire life practicing taekwando and came through to win a medal, or Elvan Abeylegesse from Turkey who won a silver medal in the women's 5000m, or Abhinav Bindra who won India's first ever gold medal despite the fact that they've been participating in the Olympics since 1900, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.....

Women and men and boys and girls who spend hour after painful hour training for a sport that the majority of the world could care less about for nothing more than the love of the sport and the dream of one day being the best. I am choking up just typing this. I LOVE THE OLYMPICS MORE THAN ANY OTHER SPORTING EVENT EVER. Because at its foundation it is the purest, most beautiful, most globally magnificent sporting event ever devised. Excuse me while I go watch some kayaking...
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Why is my internet not exploding with pics of Wang Feng, the chinese diver?!!??!?! HE IS SO FUCKING HOT!!!!



Yes, yes. I know Alex Despatie is the diving golden god. And I agree, the man is hot as sin. But fuck me, dude. Wang Feng has got what I want.


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