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Ok. I've run out of shows to watch again! I'm hoping you all might have some suggestions. Here are the series I've watched recently (or rewatch ad nauseum) and maybe some of you have seen something excellent I've missed?

Doctor Who
Wire in the Blood
The Hour
The Fixer
Waking the Dead
Scott & Bailey
The Fades
Thick of It

I tried but didn't like: Touching Evil, Being Human, Fortysomething, and Survivors. And I hated Outcasts. What a fucking WASTE of talent.

Have I skipped something awesome? HELP! HELP!
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I know I've got people on my flist with crafty skills. Sewers and knitters and whatnot. Right now I am on a huge mod podge kick. Yeah, I know I missed my calling by like 40 years with this shit, but I can't help myself! Covering objects in awesome fabric is SO DAMN FUN!

So, does anyone have any links to cool blogs that deal with those types of crafts? I'm always looking for good ideas for new, simple projects.

Come on. What are your favorite crafty blogs? Share the love, flisties.
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Two posts in one day? UNHEARD OF!

But I'm listening to the Companion Chronicle The Suffering with Steven and Vicki and I got to thinking. Whatever happened to Steven Taylor? Was his post-TARDIS fate ever dealt with in any novels or short stories? I always liked him and his life pre-TARDIS was so damn tragic. I'm hoping maybe some writer decided to give him a happily ever after.

Wiki is being no help so I thought I'd ask here. So, flisties. Any novel fans have any insight?

Also? Good CC so far. Steven and Vicki are just adorable.
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So, my most beloved [livejournal.com profile] brynwulf and I were talking last night about hot older dudes. We were saying how it isn't really a daddy kink so much as loving the authoritative older man in charge. More a Sir kink. We're talking about characters like John Winchester, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Jean-Luc Picard (and I'd most certainly include Delgado!Master but sadly my darling friend isn't much of a Who fan).

ANYWAY, the conversation then moved on to the fact that this isn't just about male characters. That there are also tough older women in charge characters that would fit the bill. The ones we came up with were Ellen Harvelle and Kathryn Janeway (and I'd add M, but then I do love me some Dame Judi Dench).


Come on, flist. Help me out here. Can you name me some more women who would fit into a Sir-Kink category. Older women whose orders you would want to follow without hesitation because...HELL YES, MA'AM!
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Ok. As I'm sure most of you are aware, I am an extremely monomaniacal individual. My obsessions come hard and fast and then they are done when I move onto the next shiny thing that I can't stop thinking about for more than 5 seconds at a time.

On occasion, I have obsessions that crop up again and again. One of those is...well, paleontology in a general sense. The Cambrian explosion, trilobites, dimetrodons, the Permian mass extinction, DINOSAURS!!!

So, when the Discovery Channel started showing the new miniseries Clash of the Dinosaurs (AWESOME, BTW!) I got hooked and now I can't stop thinking about this shit. I've already ordered a bunch of scientific books for the layperson on the subjects and reread Jurassic Park and the Lost World.

HERE IS MY QUESTION, GREAT FLIST. Why the hell isn't there more dinosaur fiction available? I NEED MORE DINO FIC!

If you have read anything that a lover of extinct creatures and the whole Jurassic Park situation might enjoy, PLEASE REC IT TO ME RIGHT NOW! I beg you. I'm desperate for more paleo-fiction.
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Ok. So I realize that Hurricane Who takes place over Halloween. Which means that even though I don't usually cosplay at cons, I have to dress up this year.

So, I'm going as a member of the Happiness Patrol.

I've got the wig and the shoes covered. But I am having HELLLLLLA problems finding a cheap trench coat that would work. Does anyone have any suggestions where I could search that I haven't already?

For reference purposes:

Susan Q

And a short vid under here... )
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I want to bring a photo with me for both Colin and Nicola to sign at the Gallifrey con. I am completely in love with these 2 pics, but they are both really small. Would any of you fantastically amazing people know where I could find a larger version of either of them?

Pretty please?
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I don't have photoshop and wouldn't know how to use it even if I did. This means that I have to rely on the mad skillz of others for any and all of my icon needs. The problem right now is that I need icons of Sarah Parish and I am having the HARDEST time. I've found a few in the Blackpool comm, but that's it. ::sigh::

Do any of you know if there are icon makers out there willing to take requests? Or commissions? Lack of artistic talent sucks sometimes.
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Ok. So I am listening to Shadow of the Scourge for like the 800th time and I am tired of not understanding a particular reference. I've tried to find the answer on my own, to no avail. So, I call about YOU, British flisties.

When the Doctor books them rooms at the hotel, he does so under the name Summerfield. When Bernice asks why, he replies that a hotel in Kent may be one of the few places in the universe that the psuedonym "John Smith" would draw adverse attention.

I DON'T GET IT! I'm assuming this is some kind of religious reference?

Please explain.
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I need a little help. At the end of the extras cd for the Zagreus audio, there is a bit where Paul, Sylvester, Colin, Peter, and Lalla read the Zagreus nursery rhyme. It's GENIUS. And what I really want is to be able to clip that and have it as a separate track so that I can listen to it on its own. I know there is a way to do it, but I am not savvy when it comes to that shit. So, can someone help me out with a tutorial? I'm on a mac.

I'll share the end results, of course. Because this is something everyone seriously needs to hear.
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I just got the most awesome news today at work. They are sending me to Anchorage, Alaska to conduct training!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm leaving on March 23 and returning on March 29. I am so excited I don't even know what to do with myself.

But, here is the question for you all. Does anyone know anyone who knows anyone who knows someone in Anchorage that would be interested in meeting up for some drinking? The only downside of doing these business trips alone is not being able to experience any of the nightlife. I'd LOVE to go out on the town one night. So, what do you say? Got anyone you could hook me up with in the frozen north?


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