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Apparently I did something right this week because all this fabulous fiction is falling in my lap. That makes me a happy, happy girl. It also makes me a happy, happy reccer. The ever-awesome [livejournal.com profile] paperclipbitch just posted an incredibly sick and absurdly delicious piece of Jack/John perversion that makes magnificent use of both canon and 2nd person POV. I know you sickos are gonna really dig this one. It's just SOOOOOO twisted and perfect.

I Nothing But To Please His Fancy

Oh, Jack. You really are a majorly fucked up dude. No wonder I love you so much.

OT: I wasn't just referring to fan fiction when I said I've been reading kick ass stuff this week. My friend lent me a copy of World War Z and I devoured it in a night. Best book I've read in far, far too long. Powerful and haunting and utterly horrifying. I can't recommend it strongly enough.
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In honor of the Doctor Who series 3 finale, and the amazing squeeworthy next season of Torchwood news that I heard from [livejournal.com profile] poisontaster yesterday...

I bring some Doctor Who and Torchwood fic recs. I have to preface this by saying:

1) I don't actually read very much in this fandom (and I've been really crap at bookmarking the stuff I like), but I'm gonna share what I've got;

2) Nine is, and will always be, my favorite Doctor and I think Chris Eccleston is sex on a stick;

3) Nine/Rose/Jack is my OT3 for the ages; and

4) I enjoy the shit out of Torchwood.

So, without further ado ... )

As always, I'll bring more recs for this fandom when I find more excellent fic.


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