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I just read another kink meme response that I need to rec. You guys should NOT miss this. The prompt was Doctor/Master: speaking Gallifreyan and the result is absolutely GORGEOUS. So, so beautiful. Personally, I read it as Three/Delgado!Master because that's my D/M pairing of choice, but I think it could just as easily be any incarnation of either of them and would work equally as well.

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I can not even believe the level of genius being displayed over at [livejournal.com profile] sizeofthatthing. It's absolutely ridiculous. But I think I've finally found the most brilliant piece of metaporn ever created:

The Oncoming Blow-job.

I am in awe.

Oh, and I have a couple more personal favorites behind this cut... )
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Holy fucking shit. I was just going back through a bunch of [livejournal.com profile] calufrax recs that I'd missed and I came across a story that has blown my mind. Blown my friggin' MIND. The original rec can be found here but I feel the need to rec it again because I love it more than I have loved any story in a long, long time. And considering how much fic I read and how incredibly awesome so much of it is, that is REALLLLLLY saying something. I'm not even sure what it is about this story that has killed my brain, but holy crap.

It's about Ian and Barbara after they make it home and it's nothing like what canon and fanon say their post-TARDIS life was like. It's a million times better and a million times worse in ways that are so utterly, UTTERLY in line with who I believe they were and who they had become that I was actually in tears reading it. It was like discovering a truth I hadn't even known I was looking for.

Am I being super dramatic? Yeah, I know I am. And who knows if anyone else will even enjoy the story. All I know is that I feel crazily moved from having read it and it has made me fall more in love with Ian and Barbara than I'd ever thought possible.

So, go read The Nooks of Soho by VMG. Even if you're just curious about what could make me go all swoony like this. ;-)
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It would appear I have been quite remiss in keeping up with my fic rec duties, so I am going to rectify that with some kick ass classic Doctor Who stories. After devouring everything Second Doctor-related that I could get my obsessive little hands on, I decided to branch out and watch a little Seventh Doctor. And, me being me, of course I got hooked. So, after watching every episode with Seven/Ace, I moved on to reading every single Seventh Doctor story in the Teaspoon and an Open Mind archive. In order to save you the time, I a going to share with you the links to my most favorite.

Fiction this way... )
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In honor of the Doctor Who series 3 finale, and the amazing squeeworthy next season of Torchwood news that I heard from [livejournal.com profile] poisontaster yesterday...

I bring some Doctor Who and Torchwood fic recs. I have to preface this by saying:

1) I don't actually read very much in this fandom (and I've been really crap at bookmarking the stuff I like), but I'm gonna share what I've got;

2) Nine is, and will always be, my favorite Doctor and I think Chris Eccleston is sex on a stick;

3) Nine/Rose/Jack is my OT3 for the ages; and

4) I enjoy the shit out of Torchwood.

So, without further ado ... )

As always, I'll bring more recs for this fandom when I find more excellent fic.


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